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Family, Separation and Divorce

TEL. 049 725117

For 25 years I have been facing and trying to solve those problems that most people have to endure when they are about to interrupt their married life and I fight them with strength and competence, but also with wisdom and a sense of reality.

With my experiences I can help you to face those very particular moments in the life of a man and a woman: anxiety, anger, fear for the future of the children, concern for money, fear of the unknown and any other feeling of despair related to these uncomfortable situations.

You will thus avoid the mistakes and mistakes that you could make with hasty choices and impulsive decisions.

So, DO NOT BE AFRAID , just call for advice and let our experience guide you in absolute safety.

Today for a divorce or a consensual separation, by virtue of the reform referred to in Legislative Decree 132/14 conv. in L. 162/14, the agreement can only be found in front of the lawyers and signing the relative conditions of separation or divorce without necessarily having to enter the Court.

We are not onerous, but we are good and therefore we believe in a fair compensation for our business.


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