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Law no. 3 of 2012 on over-indebtedness, the so-called anti-suicide law, is a great novelty for the Italian legal system on the basis of the experience gained abroad.

Unfortunately, it has not been used much due to the fault of lawyers who are often suspicious about the introduction of new institutions.

The writer also initially doubted this law.

It is obvious, however, that with the persistence of the economic crisis the problems come to a head and, therefore, all possible solutions are sought.

Recently, for example, an entrepreneur asked me for help because they were taking his house away. Also taken by compassion, I went to check the state of the art at the Court. Result: they weren't taking his house away, because he had already lost it !!! In fact, the house had been sold at auction and the successful bidder already had the decree to transfer the property.

Moral: you cannot be so naïve and lose a property worth 600 thousand euros for a debt of 100 thousand, just because you wanted to hide your head in the sand like ostriches in order not to face the problems

It would have been enough for this entrepreneur to have contacted me at least a few months before the auction and we could have done something.

In fact, the law on over-indebtedness provides for three instruments:

a) the settlement of the crisis by restructuring , the consumer plan and the liquidation procedure;

b) introduces, at the end of the liquidation, the institution of debt relief;

c) reduces the creditors' consent threshold to 60% by introducing the principle of silent consent (the lack of vote is equivalent to a favorable vote);

d) gives binding effect to dissenting creditors.

The solutions, therefore, are there.

The experiences of this law firm embrace at 360 degrees what one has to endure in these very particular moments: anxiety, anger, fear for the future of children, concern for money, fear of the unknown and any other feeling of despair connected to these. situations of serious discomfort.

We can help you avoid the mistakes and mistakes you might make with hasty choices and impulsive decisions.

So DON'T BE AFRAID, just call for advice and let our experience guide you safely.

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