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I chose to do this job for a simple reason: FIGHTING INJUSTICE . Unfortunately I had to deal with a bitter reality, that is, JUSTICE is not white or black but a shade of gray.

I learned this by doing an internship at the law firm that had welcomed me, and where the primary clients were a bank and an insurance company. So I experienced firsthand what it means to be on the side of the powerful against the weakest, and I didn't like it.

When I passed the lawyer qualification exam I started to stand on the other side of the fence and then follow the lawsuits of ordinary people and companies against the banks. And I am increasingly convinced that the banks, in doing their business interests, often and willingly implement practices that are sometimes incorrect and illegal.

I make this premise because in December 2017, the Court of Cassation established that the omnibus sureties that violate the antitrust indications are null and therefore have no effect . Therefore, if you have signed an omnibus surety and you are suffering the consequences with payment injunctions or even real estate or securities foreclosures, NOW you can finally defend yourself and ask for damages and the suspension of all prejudicial procedures brought to your detriment by the bank. . The issue of omnibus nulle sureties is only the last frontier of this ill-deal perpetuated by banks and financial companies. For years now we have been fighting against compound interest and bank usury , and I must say that we are finally starting to get some well-deserved victories !!!

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