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(in doubt always in favor of the offender)

Lawyer and founder of the firm, Umberto Giovannoni personally supervises and decides the defense strategy of each criminal case. Our case management model is such that every lawyer here is constantly aware of the most up-to-date developments in each case. This allows our criminal defense team to operate as "a brain" in relation to the defense of our client's case.

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime or if you have reason to believe that you are being investigated for a crime, you should immediately hire a lawyer who specializes in criminal matters. Find an aggressive and dedicated defense attorney who will spend the time trying to get you JUSTICE.

We have always been written on the lists of public defenders and legal aid, and we can face and solve the problems that a citizen may encounter with the Justice in the course of their existence.

We believe that the criminal lawyer has one of the most important social functions of our time. Years of experience in the courtrooms first and then in the courts, have developed in us the awareness that Justice has a color that varies in a nuanced gray scale. There are therefore many variables in the meaning of the word Justice and these often remain an unknown factor.

In this context, therefore, the criminal lawyer is inserted, that is, a last strenuous bulwark of that atavistic thirst that Man has for Justice and Freedom.

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