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People seek attorney after suffering physical injuries no more than once in their lifetime. But when that happens, you need a capable and respected professional who can offer professionalism and skills in order to get the right compensation.

For 25 years, the lawyers Umberto Giovannoni and Silvia Bettella have been doing just that.

The Giovannoni & Bettella law firm, in fact, is a firm based in Padua and which represents the victims of car accidents, accidents in the workplace, medical malpractice, victims due to a defective product, and sometimes with injuries. serious enough to cause the death of the injured person.

The lawyers Umberto Giovannoni and Silvia Bettella, well aware of the seriousness and gravity of these situations, have set up their Firm with all the necessary resources to defend their clients at 360 ° both in civil and criminal matters, while trying to create as little stress as possible for the customer.

The Firm does NOT ask for any advance payment to verify the feasibility of a case. This means that if there is no possible compensation for the client, the client does not pay the lawyers.

With their office in Padua, the Giovannoni & Bettella law firm represents residents from all over the Veneto region, including the cities of Venice, Treviso , Vicenza , Belluno , Rovigo and Verona.

The priority is to provide the customer with the best possible service


  • WILL PROVIDE initial consultations on whether or not to take up an assignment WITHOUT ASKING FOR ANY REMUNERATION

  • SAY honestly what they think about the case and its likely outcome.

  • WILL KEEP clients fully informed of the status of the case.

  • YOU WILL COMMUNICATE with them regularly.

  • It will effectively REPRESENT the interests of the customer to obtain the best result.

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