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The first thing we do is tell you in advance if and how much it is possible to recover your credits and then let you know if it is worthwhile to start a recovery action or not!

What could you do now to avoid wasting time and money on useless actions and recovering your credits?

The Giovannoni & Bettella law firm, unlike all the other credit recovery companies, specializes only in the recovery of trade receivables for SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES.

The credit recovery for the companies that we have structured is divided into the following phases:

Extrajudicial phase

1) formal notice of the debtor with formal notice notified by the bailiff (and not a mere registered letter that debtors often refuse).

Possible judicial phase

2) Appeal by injunction, possibly provisionally enforceable through documentation provided by the creditor (e.g. promises of payment by the debtor, requests for deferral of payment terms, etc.)

Possible executive phase

3) Seizure from third parties (mainly at banks with blocking of current accounts, with employers and INPS to the maximum extent provided for by the law of 1/5).

Eventual insolvency phase

4) Filing of bankruptcy petition by the debtor (if he is an entrepreneur).

In over 20 years we have managed hundreds of loans for SMEs in every sector and we have seen what are the main factors that determine the possibility of recovering a credit. For this reason, we wanted to create a service that lets you know immediately the possibilities of recovering or not your credits and, above all, the way to do it.

We will send you our cost estimate only if we deem the legal action for credit recovery feasible.

Thank you! The message has been sent.

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