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Without a manifestation of will, the entire estate of the deceased will be distributed

ONLY under the law

The consequences of inheritance can be so complex that a huge body of legislation and case law has formed to determine "who is heir and what inherits" when someone passes away. If you die without a will, the state through its laws will decide who will be entitled to the property of the deceased.

The consequences associated with a deceased who has not made a will therefore have the effect that he has not been able to decide and control who will receive his goods.

The law on succession without a will provides that the property of the deceased will be distributed among the spouse, children, parents, siblings or more distant relatives.

When it happens that relatives inherit, they often never had any kind of relationship with the deceased while he was alive, or were in very bad relations with him.

The deceased in these cases did not have time to decide his last wishes, which would have allowed him to express his real intentions regarding the disposition of his properties. With a will, the deceased would have been able to designate and reward the beneficiaries of his wealth.

Therefore, regardless of the size of a wealth, most adults - young and old - and their families can greatly benefit from the preparation of an estate plan through, for example, the signing of a deed with the precise indication of their latest will, or through the compilation of a power of attorney to sell, or with the stipulation of a donation and also with the drafting of a living will.

As attorneys we have many years of experience collaborating and advising our clients in drafting and implementing plans that effectively express clients' personal wishes regarding the disposition and protection of their assets, while suggesting potential tax benefits for the beneficiaries.

We are also experts in representing family members in legal proceedings relating to disputes over inherited properties and disputes relating to property management.

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